Our free service generates .ASS files from 2 different .SRT files marge in one, in 2 different language.

The first subtitle is show on the top of the screen, and the second on the bottom. If you want to see a film with different people who don't have the same mother tongue, DualSubtitles.com is exactly what you need ! You can find other software to merge 2 subtitle files, but our free service is compatible with Kodi (XBMC) and Plex, which is currently exclusive, and .SRT files encoding is automatically detected and converted if necessary. Output file is encoded in UTF-8, so any language can be accept.

Create a dual subtitle

Top and bottom subtitles need to be .SRT files (SubRip). For update a subtitle format, you can use a free subtitle editor (for example, on Windows : Subtitle Edit, on Windows, Mac and Linux : Aegisub and on Mac : Jubler).
Top subtitle :
Bottom subtitle :
Font name :
Font size :
Font bold :
Font outline :
Shadow :
Margin top/bot. :
Top color :
Bottom color :